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Blue Shield of California
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For the better part of a year now, I have been trying to get insured under the ACA, and with the help of an independent agent I was able to enroll in the plan I needed, with a very affordable subsidized monthly premium. The problem is, Blue Shield of CA is very good at terminating coverage, and really lousy at processing payments. I have had my coverage terminated twice within this calendar... Read more

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Blue Shield has cashed three checks so far this year and not credited my account. I have called them about it, I have had my bank call them to verify they have sent the payment, I have faxed them the information twice, and over 2 months nothing has happened. Every time I call, I have to start over with the representative, who always says it is OK, because I am paid until the end of the month -... Read more

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I had an easy process for enrolling in Blue Shield. By March I had received my first notice that I was delinquent in my payments. I spent three days trying to get a hold of a person with no luck. Posted a rude message in Facebook and received a call from one of the CSR. She said their records indicated I had not paid. I confirmed with my bank that all payments had been made (through online... Read more

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I am angry! The quality of service is horrible! Your computer phone response system is ineffective and slow...currently, I have beeN waiting for more than 55 minutes. Your website are not helpful either. The coverage/benefits they state I get are more than what I have received on my claims. No one to speak to and I am paying for a Platinum PPO plan. You offer no process for complaint or... Read more

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My Blue Shield of Ca Bronze PPO has a $5,000 deductible/$6,350 OOP limit. My 2014 payments to Blue Shield preferred medical providers exceeded $7,000 by April 24. Blue Shield online shows the claims I paid on but their online system does not show my $7,000 payments. Blue Shield still tells providers I must make 30% co-pays. Hospitals have billed me for an additional $5,000 based on incomplete... Read more

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They used to be a good company. I will be canceling my policy as soon as I can. I am having several issues and I think it is going to get worse before it gets better. I had a Blue Shield Policy from 2010 through 12/2013. My premiums were debited from my checking account every month. I have an outstanding claim from 11/2013. when my provider tries to submit the claim, Blue Shield says I was not... Read more

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Worst customer service I have ever experienced. I can't get any help to no help to incorrect info help to "I want to be somewhere else" attitude help and any other kind of negative help. They don't have a problem taking money auto out of my account easily with no problems. 2 hours on hold in any department; transfers to wrong department; disconnect; totally unprofessional and unhelpful. They also... Read more

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Well now that the Obama Care Act took affect which was a good thing for me since I was always denied based on an SI Joint Dysfunction. I made sure to sign up by 12/11/13 paid my quoted premium in which case they took it from my bank account on 12/11/13. I finally received a letter on on 1/2/14 that basically said your coverage effective date is 1/1/14, and ID Cards are sent separately. I had my... Read more

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Called BS of CA at 11:56 to be put in an automated spin cycle. I answer the questions repeatedly. Finally, the automated voice is transferring me over to a "Representative" and we were disconnected. It is now 12:00, so I call back and was disconnected again. Call back and the line is busy at 12:02pm. Now 12:05-disconnected. 12:08-disconnected. 12:09 - now the # is no longer in service... Read more

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