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Blue Shield of California
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I had an easy process for enrolling in Blue Shield. By March I had received my first notice that I was delinquent in my payments. I spent three days trying to get a hold of a person with no luck. Posted a rude message in Facebook and received a call from one of the CSR. She said their records indicated I had not paid. I confirmed with my bank that all payments had been made (through online... Read more

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I am angry! The quality of service is horrible! Your computer phone response system is ineffective and slow...currently, I have beeN waiting for more than 55 minutes. Your website are not helpful either. The coverage/benefits they state I get are more than what I have received on my claims. No one to speak to and I am paying for a Platinum PPO plan. You offer no process for complaint or... Read more

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My Blue Shield of Ca Bronze PPO has a $5,000 deductible/$6,350 OOP limit. My 2014 payments to Blue Shield preferred medical providers exceeded $7,000 by April 24. Blue Shield online shows the claims I paid on but their online system does not show my $7,000 payments. Blue Shield still tells providers I must make 30% co-pays. Hospitals have billed me for an additional $5,000 based on incomplete... Read more

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They used to be a good company. I will be canceling my policy as soon as I can. I am having several issues and I think it is going to get worse before it gets better. I had a Blue Shield Policy from 2010 through 12/2013. My premiums were debited from my checking account every month. I have an outstanding claim from 11/2013. when my provider tries to submit the claim, Blue Shield says I was not... Read more

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Worst customer service I have ever experienced. I can't get any help to no help to incorrect info help to "I want to be somewhere else" attitude help and any other kind of negative help. They don't have a problem taking money auto out of my account easily with no problems. 2 hours on hold in any department; transfers to wrong department; disconnect; totally unprofessional and unhelpful. They also... Read more

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Well now that the Obama Care Act took affect which was a good thing for me since I was always denied based on an SI Joint Dysfunction. I made sure to sign up by 12/11/13 paid my quoted premium in which case they took it from my bank account on 12/11/13. I finally received a letter on on 1/2/14 that basically said your coverage effective date is 1/1/14, and ID Cards are sent separately. I had my... Read more

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Called BS of CA at 11:56 to be put in an automated spin cycle. I answer the questions repeatedly. Finally, the automated voice is transferring me over to a "Representative" and we were disconnected. It is now 12:00, so I call back and was disconnected again. Call back and the line is busy at 12:02pm. Now 12:05-disconnected. 12:08-disconnected. 12:09 - now the # is no longer in service... Read more

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Blue Shield of CA dental should be investigated and have their insurance license revoked and be fined. They can not get their patient records correct. They do not pay claims since their bookkeeping records do not match the patient information. It does not matter how many of their representatives you speak to, mail updates, fax, and have doctor or dentist offices send updated info. Seriously, who... Read more

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after meeting our high 9000.00 deductibe and supposed to be at 100% coverage now , I was diagnosed with cervical cancer. having to undergo a hysterectomy and radiation and chemo treatments blue shield managed to weasel out of paying the claims. 40,000 and climbing. they used excuses like they didn't receive the correct paperwork which they did twice for the radiation treatments, screwed them... Read more

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