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I'm moving out of the country for 1 year and I needed a vacation override to take as much prescription as they'd allow me to ahead of time. They said they could do a vacation override for 3 months but I'd have to pay out-of-pocket for the generic brand I needed. Totally fine with that. Just needed the permission to give to my pharmacy so they'd refill for that amount. Then after back and forth calling (typical), I was told I need to pay my... Read more

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After 15 years of insurance for our kids we were told today that they do not have health insurance and never have, and that the money we pay has been for dental - although they have been to the doctor and benefits have been taken and adjusted - a complete lie; they just cancelled them because someone decided too. To make maters worse, for some reason we can't even cover them until November?? WTF? Customer service(?) didn't have an answer for... Read more

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I'm paying $236 per months and I also spent $2000 from my pocket. Now I need a surgery and I have to pay another $12K from my pocket until I qualify for the rest. My total maximum out of pocket supposed to be 6K total. I called them 6 times and they hang up at me after 4th times. They Do Not have an supper wiser . They are taking the calls from Philippines and other Asia countries whish I hate that. I'm dropping mine since next mouth and paying... Read more

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For nearly a year now I've had some claims that I've still not received reimbursement for and I've been fighting with them to take care of this matter for way too long. They are terrible at processing claims and no one bothers to follow up enough though I've had the misfortunate of having to call them more times then I would have liked. Simple claims for doctor's visits were processed wrong on numerous occasions and therefore became rejected... Read more

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My husband and I recently was scammed into buying healthcare on eHealth due to loss of job & health insurance. The rep. failed to inform us that buying plans individually or family plans are not treated the same as employer issued health plans. We chose Blue Shield of CA due to having Blue shield of CA and Blue Cross Blue shield of Michigan through employers before. We pay $708.00 monthly premium with no assistance from government to reduce... Read more

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We lost the doctors we would see for the past 15 years due to the lousy reimbursement policy of Blue Shield. It doesn't pay them what they are worth. Single working Mother, small business owner, self-employed. Purchased PPO gold plan through BS only to have it lumped in with Obama Care in January of 2014. Didn't think a whole lot of it at the time until in February when I came down with shingles and couldn't find a doctor that would take my... Read more

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THIS IS JUST A SMALL RECAP OF THIS YEAR (DOESN'T INCLUDE MY CALLS IN 2015) 1-888-319-5999 (Previously called in Jan. 4, 2016) At that time I was to receive a check back for $638.16 (See below). Check should Called today 03-09-2016 Called Blue Shield regarding refund still due from May 1, 2015 - $659.54 Minus 1 Day ($21.38) = $638.16 Covered California plan XED902878556 Jan. 1 2015 – April 30, 2015 Current Plan XEA 902652404 Effective May 1,... Read more

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I was on a Blue Shield plan with Covered California until I began Medicare when I turned 65 and enrolled in another Blue Shield plan to supplement Medicare. Blue Shield refuses to acknowledge that I should not be covered by overlapping policies even though overlapping coverage is impossible with Medicare regulations. Blue Shield is billing me for the overlap and is refusing to correct the situation. I will take the company and all the... Read more

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Blue shield of Ca is awful. They retroactively cancelled my insurance gave back any money i had paid after Jan. 1st told me in 3 different letters that i was cancelled on 3 different dates they will not let me even pay full price for insurance and since this care act there ar no ways i cant get coverage until after Nov. I have chronic pain so i assume that is why. I am not a big money maker for them. They say you can dispute it but you cant.... Read more

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dealing with this company - I believe the initials BS were intended. Employees in departments that have the power to deny or approve only have a generic email inbox, this way many different people can work on the same case with no history of what transpires within the company and no one has to be accountable. Lets deny an application during open enrollment for no social being provided and hope the applicant does not have the knowledge that a... Read more

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