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My Blue Shield of Ca Bronze PPO has a $5,000 deductible/$6,350 OOP limit. My 2014 payments to Blue Shield preferred medical providers exceeded $7,000 by April 24.

Blue Shield online shows the claims I paid on but their online system does not show my $7,000 payments. Blue Shield still tells providers I must make 30% co-pays. Hospitals have billed me for an additional $5,000 based on incomplete Blue Shield data (after the $7,000 I've already paid out).

I have bills from another hospital and many doctors telling me I owe them money because Blue Shield says I have not paid my annual share. The hospital acknowledges I paid them $5,000 (my deductible) but they also say that Blue Shield tells them I still owe the deductible.

I need another surgery May 19 & the hospital wants another $2,000 upfront because they think I have not paid my $4,000 co-pay and deductible from the last surgery.

I have sent BSofCa 5 messages about this but they do not respond. I have been sending messages to Blue Shield about this problem for three weeks with no response.

I have made 10 phone calls to Blue Shield since Apr 17 and have spent 240 minutes (4 hours) on hold and have yet to talk to a live person. Three of those calls ended with a message saying "please hang up and try again because we are too busy now" after waiting a minimum of 30 minutes on hold each time.

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Since it is almost impossible to get thru to BS of California I now call their main office in San Francisco 415-229-5000. This is now my go to number to this money sucking no help company.

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