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Everyone at Blue Shield Customer Service is in India and cannot speak, or cannot understand English. All the Customer Service reps will do (rather than solve your problems) is read to you from a script manual.

I am an MD and had a contract with them for over two years. I finally had to terminate it for lack of phone support. Truly, these people have 'zero' interest in Customer Service and are only interested in maximizing profits.

If you're a provider and are thinking Blue Shield ....think again!!!! I'd rather even use Kaiser, and no one would rather use Kaiser.

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Absolutely true. I never considered Kaiser until now. I am going to sue Blue Shield for preventing me from receiving coverage with MediCal because because a cancelation was not possible.


I just called to pay my son's BCBS of GA & they made me pay last month's payment AGAIN! PLUS when I paid it last month they put the amount for medical on dental and vice versa!!!

Then he said the dental was paid thru August & I beg to differ because if the total for medical was paid on dental, it would be paid thru October!!! When I asked if he could find. It like it should have been applied he said NO the system wasn't set up where they could do that! I should have only owed about $430 for part of last month (because we changed his plan), but ended up paying $603!!!

We never had this problem when he still lived in AL and we both had it for many years!!! They WILL be hearing from me!!!

Vienna, Virginia, United States #966084

Hours and hours and hours on the phone for any issue, long holds, lack of support. As a provider, I'd say, think twice before having business with thBCBS

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